Our work


A selection of the great projects we were privileged to work on
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Ice cream factory

  • Waste processing
  • Laundry boxes

In one of the largest ice cream factories in Europe, our machines are installed to separate many thousands of tonnes of packaged ice cream from its packaging material every year. Thereby creating value in the component ice that can be used again as raw material for animal feed or biogas. At the same time presenting the waste stream of packaging material, consisting of foil, paper, sticks, and plastic containers as "clean" as possible to the regular waste stream. So that there is minimal need to pay for this waste. And thereby saving hundreds of thousands of euros on an annual basis. Furthermore, a washing line was delivered that can offer the used transport bins (pallet boxes) clean again to the production departments.

Lidl Noten

Nuts and dried fruits

  • An initial service
  • We did this too

In an extremely high-tech plant where various nuts and fruits are processed and packaged for retail, our machines were supplied for automatically opening cardboard boxes (using robots) and reducing and transporting these boxes to containers so that they can be efficiently transported to the paper and cardboard industry for processing.

Brood doos


  • Service provided
  • Second service provided

In Europas größter Bäckerei stehen unsere Maschinen bereit, um Brot, das während der Produktion freigesetzt wurde (Fehler oder Ausfälle) oder aufgrund des Datums oder aus anderen Gründen nicht mehr im Handel angeboten werden kann, für die Wiederverwendung als Sekundärrohstoff vorzubereiten.

Looka Europe

  • Custom flow design
  • In-house build

In France, there is a very large factory for toast and sandwich bread. This is where our machines are located to process residual flows collected in pallet boxes and bins and transport them to containers and trailers.