We are Circular Equipment

Building custom machines is not just our expertise, it's our passion

Our experience is 40 years of operating in various industries where residual streams are created or processed. From the agricultural to the distribution sectors. Been there, done that.

From breadcrumbs when it was still made from old bread to fully automatic lines where ice cream is unwrapped, the packaging material and sticks are separated from the ice cream and chocolate, and then the washing of pallet boxes. Bread, ice cream, biscuits, wheat, potato, corn, and many other products.

Solutions that matter. Practical and reliable. And above all sustainable in terms of quality, lifespan, and easy maintenance. Many standard solutions have been developed and optimised over the years.

The drawing office

In the past, a product was often made from a simple sketch. For example, the blacksmith made a simple drawing and used it to make the product.

Now, technical drawings (2D and/or 3D) are made with CAD software. The term 'CAD' stands for 'Computer Aided Design', By using Solidworks, our drawings are accurate to the hundredth of a millimetre in every detail and all parts are designed separately in 3D.

The machines we offer can be optimised for your application by our drawing office.

Bonback installatie

Our workshop

The machines for your installation are built in our workshop. More than 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering run through here. The mechanics are closely involved in designing our machines.

And that pays off in smart solutions that are incorporated into our machines.

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We make the best machines for the bulk industry!
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